Why us?

Reliable and quick transactions

BarterMyFunds is an exchanger funded by crowd-funding, and as such had the trust and support of a huge crowd. We want to make exchanging simple, quick and cheap – with us, there is no need to wait for days to get your funds exchanged. We pride ourselves on most of our exchanges being automated and in most cases almost instant!

Affordable fees – get the most out of your exchange

Besides reliability, our desire is to offer affordable service, with minimal profit margins. Moreover we love bartering and offer much lower fees (or even bonuses) on accepting currencies we need, and giving those which we have abundance of. Stop exchanging, start bartering!

Loyalty discount bonuses for our members

Simply register and receive a starting 5% discount on fees for any exchange. You can grow your discount by being a regular customer to up to 30%, based on your overall transacted volume.

Discount based on your overall volume of exchanges:

  • $0 – $99: 5% discount
  • $100 - $499: 7% discount
  • $500 - $2,499: 10% discount
  • $2,500 - $4,999: 15% discount
  • $5,000 - $9,999: 20% discount
  • 10,000 - $30,000: 25% discount
  • $30,000 +: 30% discount

In case of an exchange having additional fixed fees, the discount does not apply to that part of the fee.

Attractive affiliate program

Not only can you save a lot using our services for exchanging, you can also earn with us! Simply register and you will be given an affiliate link and marketing materials to share BarterMyFunds. Anyone registering under your link will become your referral, and you will earn fixed commissions on any exchanges they make. These will be paid instantly to your BMF account, and you can withdraw them to a variety of cashout options!

With our affiliate program you will earn up to 0.21% of the volume transacted by your referrals - that is up to 90% of our profit margin (after fees) on exchanges! If you do the work, you deserve it!

There are 3 affiliate levels, based on the overall volume exchanged by your referrals. So the more referrals you have and the more they exchange, the more we will reward you!

Afilliate levels:

Level Reward Rate(% of transaction volumes) Min volume transacted by referrals
Junior 0.10% 0.00 USD
Senior 0.15% 500.00 USD
Expert 0.21% 5,000.00 USD